Exnovation at the Museum

Collaboration "Of Domain and Dominion" with local poet Tanya Korigan to be featured at The Museum in Exnovation, January 11th - 27th. 

Opening Reception January 11th, 7 - 11 PM.

 Of Domain and Dominion (detail), 2017, mixed media on mylar

Of Domain and Dominion (detail), 2017, mixed media on mylar

About "Of Domain and Dominion"
written by Tanya Korigan

Arising from each artist's visits to Kitchener's Victoria Park, this is a study in small ecology and long history as well as an experiment in collaboration with determinedly messy, leggy roots and a weedy, vigorous relationship to play.

This is an intimate an unsterilized project with though processes unguarded and ongoing, with the overlap enriching but also problematizing the personal meditative nature of the work as philosophies evolve day by day rather than remain in perennial summer, winter, or other fixed state. Throughout this process-oriented creation, images challenge and support the next page of poetry and the next page of text inspires and provokes the next page of images and so on...in successive layers.

With an interest in the ecological and philosophical merit of space to ramble, the artists have generated these layering responses over a period of many weeks. If the project is successful, the voices of readers and viewers will interject their own memories and recall sights they may have witnessed in the park, also, so that time spent with this piece may resemble the at-once private and peaceful and still all-roads-entwine-together spirit of a walk through Victoria Park.

About Exnovation
From The Museum Website:

Innovation has been a major characteristic of Waterloo Region and how things get made here. In a process of innovation, a team creates change within a product, process, item, or service. This has marked every industry of the region, creating a spirit of inventiveness, and an ever changing and diverse economic backbone.

An exnovative process is a little different. In an exnovative process, a person from outside of the team creates changes.

In this show, we have asked artists to enter into unusual collaborations that could take different exnovative shapes. They have responded and have presented us with over a dozen projects featuring over 25 artists. It is with great pride that THEMUSEUM welcomes Collective Identity back to our space to share the talents of local artists.